Feb 18

Richard Lafond – VP of Research & Development


Richard-LaFondI have over 30 years experience in the Health Food industry. Entering the industry right out of college. Working directly with top management on plant layout, employee hiring, capitol equipment acquisition, and product formulation, gaining a broad knowledge of both the manufacture of nutritional products and the nutritional industry.

Seeing an opportunity, I becoming a founding partner in a nutritional raw materials importing company. We were one of the first US based companies to work directly with Chinese based manufacturers. Creating a company focused on product quality, carefully choosing our partners and identifying the best testing laboratories in the US and Canada to insure products met or exceeded compendial specifications.
My most important effort to date has been the management of the Development team for the FoodState Slo-Food raw materials. This five year project resulted in the creation of over forty new proprietary raw materials.

A large part of the research required was conducted at the University of New Hampshire’s Rudman Hall College of Life Sciences and Agriculture. The university provided space and equipment, but more importantly it gave us access to an enormously talented group of scientist and students all worked as a team with our researchers. I want to personally thank again all those involved in that effort. Concurrent with the research effort, I directed the contractors, scientist and engineers that designed and outfitted the company’s new plant and analytical laboratory.

I am active in the business community, and have served as a Board Member for the Smaller Business Association of New England, a non-profit established to promote and assist the development of small businesses.