Refractance Window Drying

Refractance Window Drying® is the gentlest method to dehydrate fresh whole foods. This drying method is unique in that it does not expose the food to damaging heat. As a result, the inherent sensory qualities which impart indispensable characteristics of a fresh food such as color and taste are not diminished or altered in any way. Studies have shown foods dried by Refractance Window Drying® have a higher retention of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants compared to more commonly practiced drying methods such as spray or freeze drying. When one tastes a fresh dried Cold Fusion FoodState™ Vitamin C-rich Orange or Cranberry Concentrate right off the Refractance Window Dryer one can enjoy the unmistakably tart yet subtle sweet taste of these fresh foods! MegaFood® is the only whole food multivitamin company to embrace this superior food drying technology.

Refractance Window Drying® is a Registered Trademark of MCD Technologies, Inc.