Funding Guidelines

About FoodState

FoodState, Inc. is one of the leading supplement manufacturers within the natural products channel, with over four decades of developing, producing and distributing award-winning, clinically-proven products for health- and wellness-minded consumers. Behind the scenes, it’s science: all of our products are created and tested in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Manchester, New Hampshire. Our FoodState Nutrients™, developed in part through a collaboration with the University of New Hampshire, pair real, whole foods with an optimal vitamin or mineral to deliver the most potent and pure nutrition available.

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Considerations for Funding

Our research partners play an important role in facilitating the advancement of our work. Due to the highly-regulated nature of our industry, we maintain the following criteria when considering funding sources.

Fields of interest include sustainable agriculture, effective botanical, nutritional and/or microbiological interventions, and personalized health (epigenetics). We require that affiliated research within these arenas be conducted in compliance with applicable international, federal and state regulations by individuals/companies/institutions appropriately licensed to conduct such research.

Separately, a Memorandum of Understanding shall be drafted prior to execution of the work, clearly detailing the responsibilities, objectives, scope of work, estimated costs, timing and publication expectations.

All scientific findings resulting from the research that are eligible for publication must be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal and include appropriate disclosures. FoodState requests the opportunity to comment on drafts before they are submitted for publication.

Last, FoodState will limit Indirect costs paid to universities and institutions to not more than 12% of the study’s estimated costs.

Additional Information

For additional information about this program, please contact Scott Buttram, Director of Research and Development, FoodState, Inc., by completing the form below.

For additional information, please complete the form below.