Our Company

We improve the lives of retailers, practitioners, consumers and our employees by staying true to our mission. Our mission of improving lives and inspiring others is so dear to us that we count the number of lives we improve every month, report on it, track it and make every decision with this effort in mind.

Our company has an incredible history and story. We have been mastering the art & science of FoodState nutrition & inspiring folks to improve lives since 1973. – making us a pioneer in the natural products’ industry.

We are an extremely unique company:

  • The only company in the whole food supplement space that is completely vertically integrated
  • The only company that starts with farm fresh fruits, vegetables and grains to make its one-of-a-kind FoodState Nutrients™
  • The only company committed to “Big T” transparency and bold enough to put our operations on 24/7 Live HD Video
  • A company with an extremely unique culture that we like to call “ZingMojo”

I am extremely proud of the company I work for. The FoodState® family makes our story very special. Feel free to contact me directly any time to learn more about our company.

All the best,

Robert U Craven, CEO


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