Jul 7

Everyman Leadership

Everyman Leadership

(Baby Parker munching fresh turmeric in Costa Rica)

At FoodState we are working diligently to develop leaders with a constant eye to growing inspirational leadership. I spend a lot of time thinking about what that means.

I recently had a transformational experience. I traveled to an Eco-lodge in Costa Rica that teaches people about regenerative agriculture and trains local and international farmers in these very important practices. I found these principles deeply inspiring. Yet this was not what transformed me.

I learned much of this information from a man of great importance and international influence. A passionate, seasoned leader. And I was able to do this on his grounds, and in his home and alongside his family. What struck me was that he is a man. A man who cares deeply, but a man. He is like any one of us.

This is not to say that the man I spent time with today is not great or even exceptional. Just that there is the potential for greatness in all of us, the potential for truly inspired leadership in every single person. It’s not all up to the traditional “leaders”. The politicians, the CEOs, the world leaders. There is the capacity for great change in all of us, for the same reason there is that capacity in all of them.

In a sense there is no difference between great leaders and “the rest of us”. Only that those who are able to inspire others and affect great, positive change are energized by their mission and vision. They excite and persuade others. They have noble causes. This realization was transformational for me. The concept that I have the potential to create massive change if I am dedicated and principled, use my skills and refine my “sweet spot”.

The only question is: about what are you impassioned? What resonates with you? What change will you create in this world?

Bethany Davis

Bethany Davis M.S. is the Director of Industry & Regulatory Affairs at FoodState.