Our History



Our company was founded in 1973 in Derry, NH to produce and market superior natural supplements to health-conscious individuals. Products were originally produced under the Essential Organics label, and were among the first “food based” supplements in our industry.

In 1989, the Company was acquired by Carl Jackson and John Bragg, with Mr. Jackson as President. Since that time, the facilities and products have been updated and improved, resulting in significant sales increases in the United States.

Megafood® was launched by BioSan in 1983. Megafood® was the first in the industry to come out with One Daily formulas for Men & Women. The first with “over 40” one daily formulas and the first certified vegan supplements sold in natural retailers. Megafood® is now the fastest-growing whole-food supplement brand in the natural channel.

INNATE Response Formulas® was launched by BioSan in 2003 and quickly became one of this channel’s fastest-growing brands. As one of the only whole-food based supplement companies in the practitioner channel, INNATE® is rapidly gaining a following as a unique and more complete solution for proactive and therapeutic health and wellness solutions.

Our first window Refractance Window Dryer™ was up and running in 2003 to keep up with all the fresh fruits and vegetables that arrive at our door right here in NH. This gentle drying technology is just one of the many one-of-kind methods we have chosen to include as apart of our Slo-food process so that we can deliver the most authentic nourishment.  These unique ingredients have been incorporated in MegaFood® and INNATE® products since 2005 and the company has recently purchased and installed a second dryer to fulfill growing demand.

BioSan® took on major investors, including Riverside Company and 2x Partners in 2011 Robert U. Craven, a natural industry veteran, was named CEO following Carl Jackson’s retirement. An exclusive partnership with Dr. Andrew Weil was announced in March, 2012 and the company’s name was changed to FoodState® in April, 2012.

FoodState® maintains its commitment to manufacturing the highest quality product, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, the care of the environment and its associates.