March 8

Supplement Industry Class of 2015

I recently read NBJ,s The Dark Issue. I have to say I loved it. It was a strange read. Felt a bit like I was reading our collective high school yearbook for 2015. Looking back on everything that happened, friends’ photos and quotes strewn about the pages, familiar topics and events. Things even hit a.

March 4

What the Heck is a Vision Activation Manager?

Ashley Larochelle | Vision Activation Manager, FoodState My journey over the past 3 years has been amazing, and of course very unique. Just recently my role changed from EA (Executive Assistant) to VA (Vision Activation Manager). When Robert first coined the title of Vision Activation, all I could picture was the Alien Wonder Twins of.

March 2

I’m so sick of hearing about Eric Schneiderman

Colleagues, friends, members of the trade press, Please excuse the irony of the title of my first blog post here. But in our industry over the last 12 months, “NY AG” was guaranteed to get more attention, more clicks, more entire multi-day educational events, than any other topic, it seems. I’ve had it. I am.

September 23

How Do You Build Corporate Culture?

Posted on behalf of Robert U. Craven, CEO of Foodstate I was very honored when Erik of Holistic Primary Care asked me to speak at his Practitioner Channel Forum in Coronado Island. In this 55 minute speech, I spend some time connecting my personal story to the story of FoodState and how this has all.