February 20

Robert U. Craven – CEO

Robert U. Craven is the passionate CEO of FoodState – a co. that has been mastering the art of farm-fresh supplements since 1973. FoodState markets under two high-growth brands including MegaFood in the natural retail market. Both brands are committed to supporting US farmers and are the only brands that buy 100% pesticide & herbicide-free.

February 18

Richard Lafond – VP of Research & Development

I have over 30 years experience in the Health Food industry. Entering the industry right out of college. Working directly with top management on plant layout, employee hiring, capitol equipment acquisition, and product formulation, gaining a broad knowledge of both the manufacture of nutritional products and the nutritional industry. Seeing an opportunity, I becoming a.

February 17

Elsa Pombeiro – CFO

Elsa is the CFO of FoodState – a company that has been mastering the art of whole-food supplements since 1973. FoodState markets under the high-growth brands MegaFood, in the natural retail market, and INNATE Response, in the practitioner channel. Elsa has also worked for Whistler Corporation, Ernst & Young and KPMG.

February 16

Jean Lizotte – VP of Brand

Jean Lizotte Jean is the VP of Brand, and is responsible for developing and overseeing the FoodState® identity. Jean has previously worked as VP of Marketing for WellPet for 8 years. In addition she has served in various marketing roles at NewKidCo, Alpha Software & ModuForm Inc.