Mar 21

Big Vision? Break it Down!


| By Ashley Larochelle, Vision Activation Manager |


Trying to execute a 30 year vision (like curing nutritional poverty) is like trying to build the Great Wall of China, where do you start? The answer… brick by brick.

Progress might seem insignificant at first and the end is nowhere in sight. Naysayers will tell you “that’s impossible” and try to hold you back or break your enthusiasm. But, eventually as the bricks line up, it starts to become something truly amazing. Heck, it may even inspire others along the way to help you build it that just couldn’t “see” it until it was started. The lesson here? Dare to start.

So, here we are at FoodState with this lofty vision of curing nutritional poverty. What’s our first brick? This summer, we plan to launch 2 beta test initiatives toward the greater goal.

We will start at home first, partnering with three of our New England retailers establishing community gardens in areas that significantly lack access to healthy food. Natural retailers are the center for health and wellness in their communities and are amazing resources for people of all backgrounds and income levels. It’s imperative for the vision to work that the approach be multi-pronged and involve key players in all of the communities involved.

Secondly, we will complete due diligence on what it would take to deliver our vitamin powders (we make 38 FoodState Nutrients like Vitamin C with oranges and iron with beets) to areas that are underserved nutritionally. We are looking into finding a way to fortify existing food from food pantries, shelters, after school programs and more. Our goal is to not completely fill the gap, but take big strides to make it better.

Similar to The Great Wall, the vision may evolve over time to the current landscape, bending and curving as it develops into everything we hope for. Sure, there will be pieces that crumble and fall down, but we must keep building and pushing forward.

Will you join us on our journey? Email me at if you want to take part in curing nutritional poverty. It doesn’t matter if you are a brick, mortar, or a mason. This is BIG – we need all the help we can get!